View all members Planner tasks not just my own

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I'm managing a small team of 5 and I'd like to view ALL members outstanding tasks but can only seem to view my own. Is this feature available in Planner?

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Hi @Brendan Brady - by default, everyone should be able to see everyone's tasks on any Planner that they're a member of. Make sure that you're a member of all Planner boards where you need visibility. Also, if accessing via the left navigation pane in Teams, that view filters to just your own tasks. Access Planner via or pin the Planner to a Teams channel to see all tasks for all members.

Thank you Kelly. We have around 200 Plans each plan is a MS Group and with their own individual task. The way we operate is that we create a MS Group and Plan for each Project and then each Project has it's own individual tasks. So rather than going into each individual Plan to see the outstanding Tasks, I want to see all tasks for all Plans in one place.

Does that make sense?

@Brendan Brady This is not possible with Planner right now. You need to use a third-party app to get this done easily. 

Do you know any apps that would do this?

@Brendan Brady Did you find an answer to this?  we have the same problem.  I'm considering seeing if it's possible to connect the data to Power Bi and building a dashboard there.  A lot of connections obviously if there are 200+ plans.  


@Brendan Brady Its Apps4Pro Planner