Video playback

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We seem to have an issue with few users who cant playback video from a link in SharePoint or OneDrive. If a user decides to share a video from their OneDrive then the person receiving the shared email will click on the link and Windows Media Player will launch and fail with unable to find the video.


Usually we used to get the user to logout and login in back to Office365 portal using the old login window and they would get the option to remain signed in. After this the user would have no issues playing back content from with SharePoint or OneDrive through WIndows Media Player.


Recently Microsoft removed the option for the old login and now the users have to use the new login but dont have the option to remain signed in. If we log in from outside the Office network then there is a 2nd window in the new login that prompts the user to stay signed in. 


Question: why is this not happening on the Office network?

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