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I am an Adult Education Teacher for Computer Business Applications.  I am new to 365.  Our school offers 365 to the students for remote learning.  My problem is, I'm sure I do not have the correct version.  There are many things missing such as in Word Tables there is not a Quick Tables and there is not a layout for calendars.  

Which version do I need to ensure my students learn the whole application.  I now have Faculty 365 A3.

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It sounds as if you are using the web version of Word, and you expect the full functionality of the desktop version. The web version is admittedly missing some functionality, but for viewing documents (and spreadsheets, etc.) the web version is just fine. Also for simple editing the web version typically has enough functionality for quick edits but probably isn't suitable for long-form types of edit sessions.
The A3 license is reasonably full function and also includes download rights of the desktop version. You shouldn't be having a problem if you are on the desktop version.