VBA for Show Text Formatting on NotesPages

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What is the VBA code to show text formatting in the NotesPage of a Powerpoint 365 slide? In the UI that is available in Outline view. Also, is there a full doc of all PP objects and properties so that I might be able to find these myself? Thank you.
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@P O'Beirne (This is me too but for some reason MS sees me posting from my Android phone as different from posting from Chrome in Windows)


I know the toggle command, but I want a definite property get/set method that works in VBA both on Windows and on Mac Office.


Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso ("OutlineShowTextFormatting")




The ExecuteMSO command you mention is about the only way I know.

Whether or not to show notes text formatting is a per-presentation, not app-wide, property, so it's not stored in the registry. Possibly a bit of XML code in the PPTX, though.


For an object reference, press F2 in the IDE to open the object browser.

Choose something you're interested in and press F1 for something that passes for help.

A lot of it tends to be of the "The Farglebanger property sets the Farglebanger options".

True. Useless, but true. Some of it's ok though.


Um. When it works.  Just at the moment it's totally broken.  Server errors.