Using the trademark name instead of the company business name in OneDrive and AAD

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By default, OneDrive uses the full company business name in File Explorer (OneDrive - My Company Business Name CORP or LLC). Similarly, on Azure Active Directory, the name of the directory is the company business name you set up in the Organization Profile or Billing Accounts.


This is not ideal and eventually confusing when a company has different subsidiaries with slightly different business names (for example a subsidiary in a different country with a different business name, but sharing the same tenant and domain name). It would be better if a company could use its trademark name instead of the business name for OneDrive, the Azure Active Directory name, etc.


Currently, if I change the company name on AAD, Billing Accounts, or Organization Profile, it changes the full business name on the invoices. Any workaround or best practices on the matter? Thanks.

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