Using Office 365 for Personal Development Plans

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Hoping someone can help give me some advice on the above.


We are looking to move our HR Personal Development Plans to Office 365 Tool Set. (we use email, SP, forms etc)


Essentially it will require staff to fill in Objectives & other questions  (text and date fields)


We then want it to email both the member of staff that filled in plus line manager with an output of what was entered.


We would also like to keep a copy electronically that they can go back to, to edit (non-essential though)


Any advice on the best and simplest to do this? my thoughts were forms then power automate?


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to note, whatever process we use - it should also give staff the ability to feedback and edit their responses after submitting

Hi, @Philawde 


It's been a long time since the problem. No response from here, but were you able to find a solution? We need a solution just like you mentioned. If you found, I would appreciate it if you could share it. Thanks.