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Using AutoSave in Office 365 when you work in your OneDrive folder

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I have a paid subscription to Microsoft 365. I use my Microsoft OneDrive folder and subfolders therein to create and edit documents.  I believe that the documents sync in my cloud OneDrive folder continuously as I work (except when the server is busy or there is a communications error; then, I'm prompted to manually save recent changes).  Is it necessary to turn on the AutoSave feature in MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint when the documents already are being synced to the OneDrive cloud folder?  When AutoSave is turned on, the documents in process are transferred to the folder OneDrive/Documents, and I must merge the changes with the versions in the OneDrive subdirectories where the documents belong (unless I want to have a great many documents in the OneDrive/Documents folder).

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@VirwithSword I'm replying to my own post in order to correct it:  The transfer of the document in process into my OneDrive/Documents seems to happen only when I am working on documents in Vault folder.



Yes, the AutoSave actually happen\handle in Office application such as WORD