Using 365 Personal as a remote contractor

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Totally new to MS 365 and trying to support someone else who is also totally new, and in another state! LOL


Lori works for us on a remote assignment with a public school in another state, she works from home.  The school uses MS 365 to collaborate and she has access to the online version of MS Word, Excel, etc. through them.  However, they told her it’s much more efficient if she has a downloadable copy of MS Office 365 installed on her computer. 

She downloaded Microsoft 365 Personal and installed it.  She wasn’t able to log into the school’s account; she said because MS 365 was under her personal email address.  She tried to change the email address to her address at the school and she wasn’t able to.  Thanks for any assistance! 


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Hi, has the school assigned her a email address / user account with a license for office?
If so, from her computer, load an 'incognito' or 'inprivate' browser window. Log in to with the email address provided by the school. There will be an 'Install Office' button in the top-right corner. Download and install office (dont worry about removing what is there already it will sort itself out). When she opens an Office app like Word after install, it may ask her to enter credentials again to activate office. She can put in the same email and password given by the school. If it prompts to say 'let the company manage you device', look to the bottom left of that box and click 'this app only' (this is her personal machine so she doesn't want to register it to the schools directory it can cause problems). Hope it helps.

Also, did you know you can remote control her computer using Quick Assist built into Windows 10?