Users need to re-enter passwork again

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Since a few day I have multiple report from our users that they need to enter their office365 password again in Outlook 2016. When they enter their password, the password box just re-appears, and it doesn't work. Only a password reset seems to temporarily solve this. A few hours later the user is requested again for their password.

As far as I know, nothing has changed in the Office365 admin center, I'm the only one who makes big changes over there.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Rick


Just to clarify: You don't use Azure MFA and users have an app-password?




No we don't use Azure MFA

And what is the auth mechanism you use for O365? Passwords, PTA, AD FS? Can they login to OWA with the same credentials that trigger the Outlook prompt?


Also check the audit logs just in case someone is trying to brute force the account and thus locking it temporarily.

We use passwords, provided by office365. I just tried to login into the portal using a user credentials, no problem. The same user gets message by outlook that he has to fill in his password again.


I did an audit search, nothing came up.

Can you capture a screenshot of the password prompt the next time this happens? Curious as to whether you are seeing the basic auth prompt or the ADAL one.

Were you able to get this resolved as I am having the same issues?

This issue did not reoccur in my environment. I do have a few links that gave me a bit more information and a possible fix.