User has license issue that I can't resolve

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I have one user out of forty that, as of today, cannot sync apps with the server and constantly gets various messages about a problem with her account.  For example, if she starts Excel her account screen looks like this:

Screenshot 2021-01-04 180641.jpg

If I click "Try again" at the bottom, nothing happens.  If I select "Fix Me" above it will clear the error but her name in the upper status bar still shows an exclamation point next to her name.  If I leave the account screen and go back in it is back.  The application will not allow her to sync up to the servers.  Outlook works fine.  I can get on her system remotely and work.  Her internet and WiFi connections are fine.  She is a long-time user and this just started happening this morning.  Windows 10.  


I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office.  I have removed her license (it was an E3) and assigned her a new standard license, uninstalling and reinstalling in between.  She can log into the Office portal fine.  But no matter what I do, as soon as she launches any app other than Outlook, she cannot sync and has the same error.  I want to delete her account entirely and create a new one, but I'm not sure of the repercussions of this to Email, OneDrive, server-based files, etc.  Turned off her anti-virus (Norton) entirely. 


Any help appreciated


No other users have reported issues.






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Hello Jim,

is or was there any other office version installed on this computer? Microsoft 365 or Office 201x Version? Please *check* also the registry under
for any leftover registry keys from older installations if that is/was the case.
*** Remember, any change in the registry may harm the operating system

Please let me know the results

Kind regards

@Spiros Karampinis  Yes, in fact there was.  I found numerous credentials in the windows credential manager that I removed.  I found (in the beginning) 2 installs of Office 365 and Office 365 Enterprise, both of which I removed.  She had an old login under her maiden name, but that was from a year ago.  I did not go into the registry yet, but I will do that, good suggestion.  I also had noticed, even after clearing cache and removing credentials and after reinstalling Office it did not prompt her for her password, just her email address.  However, I changed that on the server, and it did in fact prompt her the next time, indicating to me it was resolving on that end.


I'll deal with the registry in the morning, but I have a bad feeling it is something more than that.  Oh, one more question. Where can I get the product key for my tenant?  I've searched around the admin center with no luck.  I was thinking of doing the licensing by using the product key.  Thanks again for the response.

@Spiros Karampinis I think I'll remove all those keys.

OK, removed all the keys other then Common under Office after uninstalling it.  Rebooted and reinstalled.  Rebooted and launched Excel and got the attached.  However, there are not other warnings about the file being unavailable, etc.



Oh, if I do take the option to sign in again 365 prompts me for username, I put in her email and it never prompts me for the password.