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The Microsoft Teams folks recently announced a new out-of-the-box app in Teams in this recent blog post. The Updates app saves time when creating, submitting, and reviewing all updates, check-ins, and reports in the flow of work. 


With productivity in mind, have any of you had a chance to use the Updates app yet? What other apps (Teams or otherwise) do you use to help you manage employee updates, check-ins, and reports? Share them in the comments below! 

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I'm in the process of setting up several templates to create async daily/weekly check-ins, Shoutouts, etc. in Updates. Using the submissions + Power Automate to publish updates and relevant into to a Teams channel/chats as well.

Feature Request - Would love to see the option to customize the icon used for custom templates.
Another issue I've found is that when you create new template or use an existing one, the MS Teams Update name doesn't always sync back to Forms. This makes it a bit of a mess to find which Update form is the one you'd want to handle in Power Automate. As an example... I just created a new Updates template called "Shoutouts :raising_hands:" and in MS Forms, it is called "Teams Updates Template - New form".


@LDLW_ ,


Your feature request is a great suggestion! I recommend heading over to the blog article I linked above and commenting on the blog's comment thread so the author and product team members will see it.


I also recommend providing your suggestion on Feedback for Microsoft Teams. Here's a blog post for the announcement in 2021 that explains it in more detail if you've never used it before. 





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Please vote at the two feedback listings below, these will help make this usable for a much larger array of business cases: