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I've got E5 Azure P2 so the license is in place :) 


However - when I create various 'Sensitive labels' + Retention labels in SCC - apply them to All groups - and publish - There's no option to select the labels (Sensitive) is seen when I e.g create a SharePoint Site or a Teams?  


  • What am I missing to do?   
  • Is there a 'Step by Step' resources available   
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Do you mean to see those labels in a SPO document library? They are not going to appear there, you are going to see them when you open an Office document and assuming you have installed the AIP Client in your PC: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53018

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín  


No - it's more "site" (and Teams) Classification - I've seen screen dumps; - when an SP Site vas created there was a 'Sensitivity' Dropdown and in Teams seen right beside "public/private" (top right) there was a Classification 

This is made in the SCC or am I mistaking?     

Hi @VasilMichev 


Yes - but is Powershell the only way for this? 

PowerShell or the API... no way to create new classifications from the UI afaik.

Ok - So the 'Sensitive Unified Labels' - which gives an option to "publish" to 'All Groups' - does what exactly?  

Do you mean the sensitivity drop down in the screenshot in #1 in the following blog post




i've been wondering how to get this too...

yes exactly - IMHO - the unified labels - when publishing to groups is selected - it should appear there...but it don't -  it should not require PowerShell scripting...     

Perhaps it is a feature that has so far only been released to Microsoft IT and hasn't made it's way to targeted or standard releases yet?