Unified DLP and hosted quarantine

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It is currently not possible to quarantine an outbound email that is flagged by a DLP rule and this is what I am after doing.

This capability does look to be on its way as I can see that the boolean 'Quarantine' value is available in the Get-DlpComplianceRule cmdlet and also it is present in the version of the MS docs in github for the Set-DlpComplianceRule cmdlet in the link below...

office-docs-powershell/Set-DlpComplianceRule.md at patch-12 · aamalhot/office-docs-powershell · GitH...

So I know the capability is on its way but how would I found out an official confirmation from Microsoft on this feature?

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Hi, I'm struggling to see what you would want this to do? Are you saying that on outbound emails that match a certain DLP rule, you would want that message to be routed to the Quarantine?


Yes. Currently the capability of routing a flagged outbound DLP email to hosted quarantine is not possible in Unified DLP. I can see signs that this capability is being planned for given the "Quarantine" parameter in the github docs for Set-DlpComplianceRule but I cannot see anything official from Microsoft on this.