Unable to sign in to Office through Microsoft excel or word 2016

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Hello everyone.


I have recently installed Microsoft Office 365 on my windows 7 64 bit laptop and I am having trouble syncing my account within Microsoft Excel and Word (the two products I use.) I am currently on a 30 day free trial that transitions into an annual subscription. My problem is that I cannot "sign in to Office" when I am within these programs. 


The program recognized my account on the account page in Excel for example so it has my email address but when I attempt to sign in to office to "get my documents from anywhere" and other features I get an error as displayed in the attachment. 


I attempt to sign in with my Gmail account but the screen goes blank after hitting "next" when entering my email. I even tried creating a new account but it reminds me that I currently have an active account and requests that I log in.


Any troubleshooting on this would be appreciated!





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Hey @Daniel Botoff,


The attachment just shows a screenshot of a blank screen, so I do not see any error in and of itself. I assume this is a screenshot of the screen going blank after entering in your gmail account.

Could you post another SS or just tell me the text of the error you are getting?

Also without seeing the error, I will post a guess. I have had issues where my laptop had a different version of O365 (in my case the home version) and it was causing issues when I tried to sign into my work account. I had to login to o365 (portal.office.com) and download the software directly from there, reinstall, then I was able to successfully get everything to work.

So if you have not tried it, that is always a good step, try re-downloading the install file directly from O365, and using that application/install to setup.

If you already did that, or dont have that issue, then any more details about the error you can give, and I will try to see if I can help you out :)




HI Adam,


Thanks for the response. The screenshot IS the error. When I type in my username or login and click next to sign in to my account the next box which should normally be putting in a password just goes blank or as in this case a white box. I've tried reloading the program, attempted to sign in from Microsoft word or Excel and I have the same problem each time.


I believe I downloaded home version though and I am attempting to sign in to my gmail account. Is it possible it won't let me sign in because I don't have a "work" account? I have not tried a reinstallation yet as I just fresh installed the program a few days ago, but I could give it a try.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Hey Daniel,

It just depends on which version of O365 you have. I personally work in the business world all the time, so since i had an O365 subscription that based a business account (non personal), I needed to have the application that matched as such.


I would just login to the portal (portal.office.com) and try to download whatever software it will let you from there, and that will 100% be the right one!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPGXqEEu0Pg Watch that video. It will help you perfectly fix the problem.

@Daniel Botoff