Unable to see Sensitivity Label in Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Mac

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Hi All,


I have published Sensitivity Labels for my users in M365. I am unable to see Sensitivity Label in Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Mac, but I can see the label in the Outlook on same machine.


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Hi @Raghavendran_KR,

You say you have published sensitivity labels (plural), but you cannot see the label (singular) in Word, Excel and PPT. Does that mean in Word, Excel, PPT you can see some sensitivity labels or do you see no sensitivity labels? If you can see some labels but not others, perhaps this situation applies to you? https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/security-compliance-and-identity/sensitivity-label-with-encry...

Thanks, Ash

hi @Ash_Gardiner ,


It's Labels (plural). I cannot see any sensitivity label in word, excel or power point on a Mac machine.


I can see all published labels in outlook on the Mac machine.


The option Sensitivity is not available in any of the office apps except outlook.





Thanks for the clarification Raghav. Let's clutch at a couple of straws...
This article indicates 2 potential causes. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/sensitivity-labels-office-apps?view=o365-w...

"To use sensitivity labels that are built into Office desktop apps for Windows and Mac, you must use a subscription edition of Office. This labeling client doesn't support standalone editions of Office, sometimes called "Office Perpetual"."

The minimum version of Office for Mac required to support labelling is 16.21+. I'm not confident that either of these is your issue given Outlook works, but calling them out just in case there is a version mismatch between Outlook and your other office apps. I'll keep looking and if I find other possibilities I will add them here.

Cheers, Ash
Hi Ash,

Sorry for delay response. The issue is resolved after applying the Microsoft Information protection licence along with AIP licence to the users.

I have atleast another 10 different issues with the sensitivity labels.

Hi Raghav,

I'm seeing more and more demand for Sensitivity Labels these days so I would be interested to hear what your issues are. I might not be able to help with them (will if I can) but it would be good to be aware of them.

Cheers, Ash