Unable to edit Office365 calendar events

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We use shared outlook365 calendars across our organization to manage our sales process.  We use crete events in the calendar and use "Categories" with colors to determine status...   for example Yellow = "working on it"... Red - "there is an issue"...  Green = "ready for delivery", etc.


Since last week we are unable to edit these calendar events to chance the categories/colors.  You go to click the pull down and nothing happens.


This is happening across our company and we have multiple loacations in different locations.. so it's not the individual computers.


Anyone know how I can fix this?   Is there any maintenance on these shared calendars that I should be doing peridically to keep them working properly.

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks, Steve


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@spiotrowicz You can test to see if you can change permissions of one or some users for the shared calendar from Author to Editor. That can hopefully solve the problem.

Hi there!
Are you still experiencing issues with this?

Are you using Outlook on the Web or the Outlook desktop application?
If you use Outlook desktop client, please try and use Outlook on the web to see if you can edit the categories there

Kind Regards
Hi Oliwer, Yes, we're still having this issue.
We are using outlook on the web for all employees in my organization.

We are unable to change the color "categories" of calendar events.

Any ideas on how we fix?

Thank you, Steve
Got any ideas on how to fix?

Does it happen for new users as well?

Also, If you create a new category, does that also behave the same way as the current ones?

I am also super annoyed that we can no longer edit the Headers or anything for iCal events downloaded. Used to be able to easily when opening after download.
(outlook for mac).