Unable to change Calendar Permission

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I have an issue with accessing Calendar permissions for our shared meeting rooms. I have this option greyed out even though I am an administrator in Microsoft 365 admin portal. To each chosen meeting room I added myself as a Delegate, but it didn't help with this issue - it only showed me the name of the meeting instead of showing "Busy".

Can you please advice what to do to be able to change the Calendar Permissons? Thank you very muchScreenshot 2022-03-03 at 13.06.25.png

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Try opening the room mailbox directly, you can do so via the Outlook Web App > Open another mailbox.

@Vasil MichevHi, it shows me permission denied. Do I need to add myself permision via the admin console first?

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Yes, you will need Full Access permissions.
Solved for us, thank you Vasil for your help!