Unable to add outlook.com account to outlook 365

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I have IMAP email account setup and works fine.  When I try to add my office 365 outlook.com email, setup works great.  The mailbox is there but it is unable to connect to the outlook.com exchange server and blocks my IMAP email account from connecting to the internet as well (See attached photo for errors) .


1.  Tried creating a separate profile for the account.  Same thing

2.  Tried uninstalling, reboot, and then install office 365.

3.  All Windows 10 updates have been installed.

4.  Removed references to previous version of Office in regedit

5.  Tried connecting with the actual mail box number or a different alias.  Same thing

6.  Tried a manual setup of server settings





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This is just a home/personal account.  I did resolve the problem though.


My client wanted to use the Go To Outlook Add-in and had already preinstalled it on the outlook.com site.  I removed the Add-In for the outlook.com side and then  I setup the account on Outlook 365 desktop.  Once the mailbox had synced,  I added the Add-In through the Desktop software and everything works now.  Bizarre errors for such a simple thing.


Thank you for replying!