Unable to add a Google Suite GMAIL account into Office 365

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I'm trying to add a Google Suite Gmail account into Office 365, but keep getting "Something went wrong" error message.

So far I have closed Outlook and from Mail32 deleted and created a new profile. When adding an account using "Add Account" the email address is already populated into the email field, clicking on "connect" or "Let me setup my account manually" results in the same error message as above. After the error message Outlook has the mail account listed (but can't be used) and the ost or data files need to be deleted all over again.


I also run Office Update and it is running the latest version of Office 365 available.


What I'm expecting after I enter the email address and click on "connect" is to receive a Google screen prompting for the password and access rights, but I don't receive this. 


I have checked on our GSuite account and it is correctly set for imap (we have multiple GSuite mail boxes and testing another email address on another laptop works correctly and produces the Google screen prompts as expected).


As the email address field in add account is already being populated, I think that Outlook has some settings/profile which need to be deleted.


How can I fully remove all traces of the profiles in Outlook and start over without the possibility of Outlook picking up an incorrect previous attempt?



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Did search for a page related to this, may refer to this on steps and detail:


How To Reset Microsoft Outlook Mail Profile (techpress.net)