Unable to access Bitlocker

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My bitlocker password got lost and unable to access. i tried through many ways to generate the recovery key and it didnt work. Mt laptop is Dell and they set the D drive bitlocker at the time of purchase and I dont have any idea. I formated the C drive and now unable to access my D drive. Seeking all your kind support to solve this.

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If you lost your bitlocker key (If you not export it to a file, print it or have it in your MS account) and you didn't create backups/sync your d:\ drive files externally.. Then you're pretty much lost at this point..
Yes, As it was there at the time of purchase i dint have the key or not export it to a file, neither print it. Couldn't find it in the MS account. Is there any way to crack this out.

If the Bitlocker recovery key is not listed in https://myaccount.microsoft.com/device-list (Check all your Microsoft accounts to be sure) or in portal.azure.com/devices (if your device is joined to Azure) and you didn't save it to usb or print it.. Then you're out of luck I'm afraid...

Any update ?

@jabbarsh I have the same problem and there's nothing anyone can do - looks like I have a useless laptop.  Ironically, the device is still sitting my Microsoft online account from when I first purchased it, but there's no Bitlocker recovery key.  I thought it was meant to be an automatic thing, once you register your device and it's in your online account you should have the recovery key.  so annoying.  Oh well, here's a good excuse for a new laptop I suppose.

It should be saved to your account. If not, the only thing you can do is wipe the device using USB with a Windows install ISO on it

@Harm_Veenstra thanks it's not in my Microsoft Account even though the device is listed in my account so that's very strange.  I guess I'll have to learn how to wipe it then.  thanks.