Unable to access Bitlocker


My bitlocker password got lost and unable to access. i tried through many ways to generate the recovery key and it didnt work. Mt laptop is Dell and they set the D drive bitlocker at the time of purchase and I dont have any idea. I formated the C drive and now unable to access my D drive. Seeking all your kind support to solve this.

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If you lost your bitlocker key (If you not export it to a file, print it or have it in your MS account) and you didn't create backups/sync your d:\ drive files externally.. Then you're pretty much lost at this point..
Yes, As it was there at the time of purchase i dint have the key or not export it to a file, neither print it. Couldn't find it in the MS account. Is there any way to crack this out.

If the Bitlocker recovery key is not listed in https://myaccount.microsoft.com/device-list (Check all your Microsoft accounts to be sure) or in portal.azure.com/devices (if your device is joined to Azure) and you didn't save it to usb or print it.. Then you're out of luck I'm afraid...

Any update ?