Typing and deleting shows weird things on the screen in Outlook / Word.

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I am running an on-pc copy of Office Professional 2021.

When I am typing in a word document, or an outlook email message, if I delete characters, the screen does not represent what is actually left until I type more characters. 

If I type

This is a testee, and delete the two Es and add an ER, I see the ees staying until I space forward.  It's as if the screen is not rescanning to update what results from my edit.  Plus, while I am typing, the screen is flashing as if it's rescanning slowly.  It's hard to describe.

Graphics card drivers are up-to-date.  Same for Windows 11 Pro 64 bit. 

Any ideas?


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I have a similar issue. The issue is that every 3 o 4 letters, the last stroke appears to delete the last letter instead of writing the new one, and also but rarely it briefly displays text of other parts of the document/e-mail in the same line I'm writing into.
But it is a display issue, not an input issue, because as I keep writing, the text updates with the correct intended content (the apparent error continues to happen randomly in the last 3 or 4 letters as I write). I tried to capture a screen video with the snippet tool, but in the video the writing looks just normal (which confirms it is some kind of graphic error, not an input error).
The issue only happens when I use two displays.
It happens only on display Nº1 which is the embedded 4k monitor of my laptop, when the external monitor Nº2 is being used as the Main display.
When I use only one monitor -either one-, it works fine. When I use 2 monitors with Nº1 as Main, it works fine.
Also, it happens only when I type in a window of desktop app of Word or Outlook that is not maximized. When typing in a maximized window it works fine.
It does not happen in the simpler text editor.
It does not happen in the browser version of office (Edge).
It does not happen in OneNote or Teams.
I use the 64-bit Home version of Windows 11.