Turn off Outlook shotcut keys

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Does anyone know how to turn off the shortcut keys when reading email in office 365. On several occasions they have caused me all kinds of grief, and I just don't want them enabled. Note that I am reading mail through a browser at outlook.office.com


example: When reading an email, I move my mouse to a Linux window running Vi, but I don't click to make that window live. As any good Vi user knows, the "j" key will move me down a line in the editor; if I want to go down several lines, I might hold the "j" key down to make it repeat (just like in a windows editor, you might hold down the down arrow to go down). Except that the browser window on outlook.office.com is still live, and "j" marks an email as junk. Inadvertently, because I held down the "j" key, I just marked 25 or so emails as junk, and now I have to go back and find them all and mark them as not junk.


This is just one example, there appear to be a number of shortcut keys, and several of them do things I don't want at completely the wrong

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