Turn off automatic contact suggestions in contact search

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Office365 suggest all kinds of mail addresses as contacts when I am searching for an contact that I actually entered (and which usually contains more info like phone# and address). I only want to see my contacts and not the automatic suggestions in Outlook and OWA. How do I disable email suggestions or make them optional?



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Hi @timvdh 


Is this happening when you are searching for contacts in the contacts pane, or when you are typing out an address in the To: cc: bcc: fields?


In the case of typing the email/name in the To/cc/bcc fields, you can turn off the autocomplete function in the option in the desktop version by going to options > Mail > send email > untick autocomplete


I'm unaware how to stop the other suggestions showing up, but will look into it.

@HidMov Thanks, it is "the other search" (searching for contacts). I can deal with the suggestions in the to: field, but my contacts are polluted with automatically generated contacts with typically no other info than mail address and name.