Trigger API from Received Email

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My team receives automated lead emails (Different companies go to different team members) which use the same subject header and body html format. Each user has a rule setup in their Outlook to forward those automated lead emails to a shared address inbox. All of that works properly and the emails collect in the shared inbox.


Every hour, an AWS schedule runs a Lambda function that gets which uses a variety of API calls to get the last hours worth of emails, parse the email body, then post to the CRM we use.


Everything in the current setup works but we are hoping to change it so that rather than collecting the previous hours worth of emails in the shared inbox, each one will trigger the parsing and CRM post.


Is it possible to call an AWS Lambda function upon receiving an email and pass the email information as a parameter? And/Or parse and post to the CRM after each email is received in the shared inbox?


Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Will you consider Power Automate? 

As long as It is not extra money sure! I have looked at it a bit and know that the HTTP Request is a premium feature so I am not sure what workarounds I can use to trigger via email and access the desired API's