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In my company we now use OneNote as a kind of "website" for our co-workers to find information about routines, guidelines etc connected to a special piece/area of our business. We like the possibility of making a structure with the different tags, so we can "split the cake" of information into relevant pieces, and then under each tag we make pages and underpages. 

OneNote is a great tool, but the webapp has its limits and from what I can remember, backup is only 30 days. This is critical information we need to take good care of, and it would be great to have history of versions. But to work with documents is not a good option... pages on a O365 site does not offer the possibility of making the structure I am after.. or am I wrong?

I really like the simplicity in OneNote to create pages and structure, but for users to search for information in the webapp its no good. Our users mostly use the webapp (and doesnt really have the knowledge of the difference). We also experience som synk-problems now and then, when we use the desktop-app. 

Does anyone here have any suggestions of tools within O365, or outside too for that matter, for a need like this? 


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Hi @jonna69 

Making it easier to get to the OneNote app on Windows - Microsoft Community Hub

Please refer to this article there is helpful information about the latest version of OneNote


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