Toggle between email and calendar in Outlook 365

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Typically I toggle from email to calendar and back to email using the navigation bar at the bottom of screen.
When toggling back to email, the upper body of the screen shows the calendar outline, but with no appointment text.
Sliding the mouse pointer upwards will restore the email display, as does opening a different folder.

This issue started in early July.

Here's a sample screen:

Note: I am using an up-to-date Surface Pro 4 and I have already done the following:

- reinstalled Office, Ver 2107 Build 14228.20250, still no improvement

- disabled add-ins, problem still occurs

- ensure drivers are up-to-date

- Windows 10 Pro ver 21H1 is up-to-date

- rolled back MS Office 365 to May 24th version 2105 Build 14026.20246, with no improvement

- starting Outlook in safe mode, the problem does not occur ???


I am curious whether this is a problem with Windows 10.


Thanks for your help.



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