To backup or not to backup 365

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We are looking at 3rd party backup solutions for Office 365, because the organisation is use to single item restore from mailboxes, restore data that is a year old and so on.

My angle on this is that Office 365 can cover you a long way if we just use a retention setting on 365 that keeps deleted data for e.g 7 years and perhaps use legal hold on specific VIPs.

But I would like to hear what everyone else is doing, both the technical and a little about the strategy.

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Hi Jesper,


You are correct you can use the in-built legal hold and data retention settings in Office 365 to cover most of your recovery needs, however this might not tick all the boxes for your company's backup policies as it is still contained within the same system. There are some good options for 3rd party backups like SkyKick,  Backupify & Avepoint, however they mostly will backup to Microsoft Azure and have unlimited retention with multiple backups a day, one item to note is that the data will still be stored with Microsoft (as it is in Azure) if that is a problem or not. 


We have used this with a quite a few customers in the past and while it works we have never needed to resort to using it due to the in-build retention in office 365.

I'd refer you to @Tony Redmond's articles on the subject, for example this one:

Hello Jesper,


CodeTwo Backup for Office 365: can help you here.


The application allows you to create full or granular backups of Office 365 mailboxes and store them on your local drives for as long as you need (your business data is not stored on any third party servers). And when it is needed, you can easily browse, preview and restore entire mailboxes, folders or even single items to Office 365 mailboxes.


If you would like to give it a try, here you can download a free trial version of CodeTwo Backup for Office 365:


If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.




@Jesper Stein   Yes, a third party backup solution is necessary to protect your Office 365 data.   Take a look at CubeBackup for MS 365 , which is efficient, reliable, and affordable.

Hi,  @Jesper Stein, For Office 365 backup and restore purposes, you can also consider the Shoviv Office 365 backup and Restore tool.