Tired of managing group membership? Setup access review in Microsoft 365 today!

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With Microsoft 365 access to your data is in motion unlike it has been before. Users can access your organization's data from personal devices and can even invite guests to collaborate. With this free-flowing access, productivity receives a big boost but so do the challenges around security. How do we make sure there aren't stale user accounts that have access to your environment that is no longer in use? Let's take another example. Let's say you have a user on the IT help desk. He has limited administrative rights to your Microsoft 365 tenant just like he's supposed to. Then he gets a transfer/promotion. Now he's in marketing. How do you make sure his administrative access has been removed?

How to setup access reviewHow to setup access review

The answer is simple, access review. With Azure AD access reviews you can review group memberships, access to applications, and role members. You can configure access reviews to happen regularly to make sure only the right people have access.

Automating Access Review in Microsoft 365 

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