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I am currently traveling (which may be my last travel in a while...) but I will post a picture of my current home office setup as soon as I get home. I will also post a picture of it once I´m done with my remake of it. Currently, its not suited to my needs and ill explain why when I´m able to post my picture. Until then, post your own pictures! Share what you like and dislike and help each other to improve work spaces!



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@Simon Binder challenge accepted! Here is my wfh setup. It looks a bit of a weird location - we just turned our dining area into a home office instead of the 3rd bedroom. It was time for our kids to have separate rooms. So we are trialling this new space. I love the open area and windows, but they are impacting video calls. The light is great for mental health and focus. But impacts my screens. Apart from that, some detail about my home setup.

@Simon Binder here's my office setup, right next to @MStrant!


I have a standing desk, so when I really want to focus I put headphones and and go into standing mode for 25 minutes at a time. The right monitor is dedicated to showing the app built in this blog post, with some additions since then including a Pomodoro timer.


Rear of my deskRear of my deskMy view of the deskMy view of the desk

I've worked from home for the past 16 years, both self employed and as a Microsoft full time remote employee. I fully appreciate that not everyone can dedicate an entire room (or even an entire desk) to work, especially if they're not usually in a work from home role.




I use an L shaped desk, with my tech along one side and a nice clear working space on the other side. I do a lot of long format writing and reading, so I love my portrait monitor. It's also really important for ergonomics to get your laptop screen elevated if you are also using it as a monitor.


Not pictured is a good chair - mine's a mesh style similar to the Herman Miller but without the price tag. It took me a few tries to find one I liked that didn't wreck my back or my tailbone, after hating the "gamer style" padded chair I had. 


@Simon Binder Here's mine.  It's pretty basic but it does the job.  I have two sides of the office: one for my Apple life and the other for my Microsoft life.  One side with my iMac is where I do my personal stuff and use Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Before joining Adopt & Embrace, I was using the Apple suite of products so I've kept these separated from the right side of the room which is my set up for my A&E work, laptop (with all the MS apps), screen and logitech camera.  So right side is my Monday to Wednesday work at Adopt & Embrace and left side my personal computer and non-Microsoft programs. 


Behind me I have a green screen, tripod with camera (I use a Canon G7x Mark III) and lighting that I move around because I don't usually do videos at the desk but instead do them around the house or outside. 


I use books a LOT - mainly reference books and have these on hand that I use a lot of the time. 




Thanks for sharing @Helen Blunden! I like your setup - it already makes me feel at ease!


You should check out the video where @Loryan Strant interviews me about my WFH setup!


I like it! Windows are hard, I would love to get more light and just be able to look out from time to time. Good for your eyes as well, but I have the same struggle with video etc. I currently sort it out with hanging a jacket in front of the window, before I can get better blinders :D
Cool! I really like that you are able to work together like that! How do you find the curved screen? I still prefer having multiple once, but friends say its the best investment they have made.
Nice! Have you split it for the purpose of having a clear boundary between personal/professional life or because you arent able to do both from one machine? I´ve acctually moved away from one machine for the first purpose, which has been a bigger up than expected, even if its heaving to carry around additional machines. Question is really, would you not be able to do everything from either side Apple/Microsoft?
I used to have dual screens, but found it to easy to multitask. Plus it meant my neck had to be slightly twisted to look at one of them for any period of time.
Having the single wide-screen helps me focus. I can still split-screen or go further (which I often do), but the single I found is just better for me.

I am also traveling at the moment, but I've got the "home" office that I work out of most days! 


Here is a picture from when I got my standing desk, and a picture of the new monitor. My new chair arrived while I was away, so I will throw that up too when I get home! 



@Simon Binder  My windows look out to the greenery of my front garden, which is extra pretty when it has been raining and the leaves are all wet. I have vertical blinds, so they can be pulled right back or angled or closed if I need to filter/remove the natural light. I actually swapped desks with my husband for the window seat once he moved to a more onsite, part time role.

Is that hammock for real?! It's really giving me anxiety the whole thing is going to collapse on you!
Yep! - 100% for real. It's part of the UpLift Desk package. It has alike a 220# weight limit.

So far it's been great for taking a short 30 minute post lunch nap.

@Simon Binder


I took over my dining area as well.  I like the natural light from being near a window (trees! birds! people walking by down below!) - it keeps me human while I sit at my desk grinding away. Two laptops - one for personal / one for work (different security protocols). Both laptops wired for internet and to the big screen where I post a camera when I am webcasting or Skype-ing.

@Simon Binder I went to work and got all my equipment to set it up in our craft room/office. I'm ready to start cranking out live and on-demand video to help my organization transition to working from home for a while.  


My team owns Office 365 and will be spending a lot of time with tips & tricks for Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Stream, Yammer and more. A few others on the team have been given cameras and microphones to help facilitate high-quality remote live events in Teams, Yammer, and Stream. 



@JordanTheItGuy OMG love the hammock!!! Genius!!

@Anna Chu These videos are great to be shared.  The more variety the better.  We don't need to copy or have sophisticated set ups.  As you know, remote work can happen as simply as from the mobile phone or in the car!  I love seeing how people set up their individual environments - it still goes to show that many have a dedicated "space" or desktop or corner.  So the need for this is still critical for many.  I remember in the past there was a real push to have people be "mobile" or move around the office by taking their equipment with them and people baulked at the idea.  Pictures of our workspaces just confirm that we need a dedicated space for 'working, thinking and creating'.  Our "office" just moved "physical location".

@Helen Blunden So true. I love your thoughts there - and agree. That we need the space to create and focus. I am loving seeing everyone's setup and all the specific layout and equipment.



@Simon Binder 

I have a very small corner in my basement to use as my office space. I recently made some adjustments to make it more adapted to WFH and audio/video content recording. Have my laptop and two monitors in a three screen setup. Monitors are nothing special, just ones that I had lying around. Has been working well. The position of the podcaster mic on the boom arm captures audio perfectly. 

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Hey @Simon Binder here's my WFH setup :smile: I mostly work from home for about 2 years now, so I try to make the home office as nice as possible as this is where I spend most of my work time. 

home office.jpg

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