Tenant to Tenant Migration

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Hi techie guys,


Our IT department will be doing a big job ahead, tenants to tenant migration, huh. We are planning to move 2 tenants to a tenant (different domain name than the two), having said that 2 old tenants will be removed after complete migration and will be disconnected. We have to migrate data from mailboxes (8-9TB), SharePoint sites and data, Microsoft Groups, Distribution groups, Public folders data, MS teams, One Note, Planner, Calendar, contacts. 

Tenant A has exchange Hybrid environment with all mailboxes in Exchange Online and synching through AADConnect.

Tenant B syncing with AAD Connect. 


In addition to, In tenant A we have some users of Dynamics 365 and have workflows and data in it, this also need to be migrated. 


I read few kbs from Microsoft stating that tenant to tenant migration is possible but want to know how practically this is? How about our Data, will that be migrated? 

We have to ensure that all Data migrate to new tenant smoothly. All Data mean Mailbox, sharePoint, MS teams, Groups, Public folders etc..


Please share your thoughts and  experience of tenant to tenant migration 

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@Abdullah Tahir khan 


Hi Tahir Khan, Recently I have done 2 Tenant Migration one with only 12 users (A) and another with 100+ users (B) to the Tenant (C) we have used the following tools which work the best for us...


1 - All the Mailboxes from both Tenants (A & B) were migrated using the Migration Wiz (BitTitan MigrationWiz | Migrate to Microsoft 365, Exchange, and G Suite) they have cost around 10+$ per mailbox migration, even the Shared Mailbox has to be converted to a regular mailbox and revert back after migration to the new tenant as Shared Mailbox.


2 - For All the Sharepoint Data we have used Microsoft Mover (Fast Cloud File Migrations • Mover) to migrate all the Sharepoint data,

2.1 -  The Migration Wiz Also gives you a paid option for Sharepoint data, Also chat/history of Teams/Groups Migrations is an option too...

2.2 - there are two other tools that give you Sharepoint data migrations Also to migrate your Teams/Groups chat etc they are ShareGate and AvePoint


Hope the above information works as the recent migration I have used Mover.io but in the past other migrations, I have used ShareGate and AvePoint which works great too but remember they are all paid only Mover is free from Microsoft.


Pervaiz Dostiyar
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Thank you Pervaiz, great help.


we have huge data in most of the mailboxes, upto 300 GB with archive auto expanded. we are very much concerned about Data, don't want to lose data. 


How about your migrating archive auto expanded? 

Abdullah , PDostiyar,

Do you know if this technique could be used for securing the complete tenant as a backup mechanisme only for let say, 2x a year.
The tenant we talk about has a dimension of:
12.000 user
1546 groups
4254 devices

@Abdullah Tahir khan,  Had your migration completed successfully? If not, you can check out the below article to see manual steps for tenant to tenant migration. Maybe it will help if you are having trouble performing Office 365 Tenant Migration.

You should envisage a single tool like https://cloudiway.com/solutions/microsoft-365-cross-tenant-migration instead of using several disparate products.