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is have a problem with lost emails. I have a new tenant created with an existing emailadres. But iv lost some emails. The old tenant user and email are deleted to create the email in the new tenant. But now i cant acces the other emails from the ols tenant. 


Is there a way to recover these emails?

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I'm not sure I understand what exactly happened but when you create a new tenant you can only add a domain if it's not already registered. If you removed the domain from the old tenant to add to the new then you need to sign in with the ".onmicrosoft.com" user principal name to the old tenant.


For instance if your old admin login was "admin@domain.com" and you moved domain.com to your new tenant, the mails should still be in the old tenant but you will now need to sign in with "admin@tenantname.onmicrosoft.com" where tenantname is the name you chose when setting up the old tenant. Hopefully the subscription is still active!





the old tenant " old.onmicrosoft.com" is still active and i can login with the admin.


the new tenant "new.onemicrosoft.com" is active with the users  and emails from the old one.


In the old one, the users and domains  where deleted to active them in the new one. So now i have the problem that i missed some emails ( more than 1 year ) in my new mailbox.


thanks for your help.

If they were deleted recently you can restore the users from the Deleted Users section of the old admin portal. If they were deleted more than a couple of weeks ago and you did not configure any retention policy unfortunately the data is lost.
I Have an error when trying to recover the user. Probably because the user is now active in the new portal. These are deleted 2 days ago.
Is it possible to get a screenshot of the error?
Ok, that may be caused by the domain no longer existing, you can try restore with a new upn via PowerShell:
Restore-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName user@domain.com -AutoReconcileProxyConflicts -NewUserPrincipalName user@domain.onmicrosoft.com