Tenant config and changes

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How do you handle the various Tenant/Config settings?  


  1. Do you maintain a (dynamic) Tenant config documentation (SSD)?
  2. How do you handle new MS releases? (First release) (test tenant first?)
  3. Do you create e.g DLP policies as a Change Request in a change management system?  
  4. How are the various "Admin" Tenant roles allocated/distributed? - e.g. Global admins reside only in IT/Operations? 
  5.  Do you use delegated service admins? and who has the SharePoint or Yammer "ownership"?  
  6. Do you have an overall Tenant governance and then a sub governance on every workload in O365? 
  7. Do you have all O365 workloads/services available for your "end users" or do you open them "one-by-one" from a user adoption perspective?   

Are there any Tenant Governace ressources available ?  

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The answers to all those questions will depend on the governance policies used by different companies, there isn't one "correct" configuration. Larger companies tend to use separate admin roles and have delegated the basic tasks to a (most likely outsourced) service desk. First release is not used, or only targeted to few users. Smaller companies usually have one or two Global Admins that take care of the daily tasks as well.

Hi Vasil 
Thanks for your reply - but not seeking one "correct" configuration - just wanted to hear what/how others have done :)