Teams room - invite room from external, send acceptance/decline to external

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Hi, I need some help with a issue when invite a room from external user.


I have set the room to accept external invites.

Then when I get a invitation from a external user, I forward this to the room. Then the room accepts or decline the meeting with a response. However the room sends the response to the external user and not to myself.


I talked to MS about this and they told me that is by design. But I think it's so wrong that I as invited the room don't get a response from the room. 


I then tried to create a rule in mail flow like

(If sender is "the room" redirect the mail to "me")

Then I get the response from the room and the external user don't get it (which is fine)


But, is there any way to set a rule either i mail flow or with poswer shell, that will do the same for any internal user, some kind of a wildcard.


So if an internal user invites the room, the internal user should get the response.


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