Teams on MS Business Basic with Google Workspace

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Hi, my association is currently using a Free Teams, and we are on Google Workspace for email and the Cloud in general. In order to keep Teams free, we are going to purchase an MS Business Basic license so we can continue to use Teams. I'm not sure if it's better to create a subdomain for MS Business Basic or not link it to our domain at all (then via a subdomain). Do you have any technical suggestions? Is your organization also in this case?

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Nothing special to do in facts. Everything run smoothly, just not configure Exchange and that's it. But, be aware that is some users have "personnal microsoft account" with a professionnal email (, this may cause an error message at any connexion. You'll have to close your personnel microsoft account, wait 30 days at least, than then create a new "pro microsoft account" with your email adress ( Hope this help.