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I was wondering if there is a way to move users from teams free classic into an existing tenant with proper licensing (business basic). The users in question setup teams with personal Microsoft accounts and have no admin portal access.


The only way I can come up with is to upgrade the users in place to a teams essentials or something so that they have a tenant that I can then use a third party tool to try and migrate the data between tenants.


Am I on the right track or is there a better way with scripts or manual exports/imports because I am only talking about 4 users?


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There's always an admin in a Teams Free (classic) org. That admin can access an Azure AD Free tenant associated with the old Teams Free (classic) going to, and now also Considering there's only 4 users you might be better of doing some manual work getting them over? I.e. create new users and move the most vital data.

The admin account will have email address removed for privacy reasons as username.
Unfortunately I am not able to log into the admin portals because it does not prompt me as to whether I am logging in with a personal account or a work account. The admin user's work account is in the new tenant that I am trying to migrate them to. Do you know of a work around for this or if there is documentation to just manually move chat history?
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@egagne72 I see the address example was removed above.


The creator of the Teams Free (classic) has an account of[at]


Chats are stored in Azure Cosmos DB so you cannot simply move those.