Teams Direct Routing Outbound calls showing Private Number

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I have had a support ticket open for the last couple of months that have gone in circles. The Ticket ID is: [Case #:33095679]


What is happening is I am using Microsoft Teams calling via Direct routing with my sip provider. what is happening is my provider is receiving the Privacy:ID option from Teams and this causes their system to have to remove the CLI of the call making the call appear from a Private number. I have sent them traces and multiple test calls and they haven't been able to tell me what they are doing and what they are trying. They have remote onto my PC to have a look at my Teams setting and haven't found anything wrong. My Provider told me today that there have been cases with some of their other clients where Microsoft Provided a command to the client to remove the Privacy:ID but the provider does not have the Command.


Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?

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The issue was found, I had the Forward PAI enabled on the SBC settings within teams.