Tax Residence Certificate for Microsoft 2022

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Hello, can someone tell me how to get the tax residence certificate from Microsoft? It's been a nightmare by phone, everybody who answers from the support doesn't know what we are talking about... It's strange, it's a mandatory legal document that we have to give to our tax office. How can we get it, without spending a lot of more hours on the phone without any result?! (It's easy to get it from Google and Facebook, why it's such a nightmare to get it from Microsoft?).


Please don't advise us to phone the support, we've done it multiple times now and no one solves the problem or sends us anything...


Thank you in advance for any help

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Hi , please this is the official documentation , to get Microsoft support:

Get support - Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Learn


Online support
Save time by starting your service request online. We'll help you find a solution or connect you to technical support.


You must have bought at least one subscription through Microsoft to access Microsoft support. If you bought all your subscriptions through a partner, contact your partner for support.

Go to the admin center at If you get a message that says you don't have permission to access this page or perform this action, you aren't an admin. For more information, see Who has admin permissions in my business?."

Thank you but it doesn't work, it still sends us to the phone support (no chat) and who answers doesn't know what we are talking about... It's crazy!
how can it be so difficult to reach a legal and mandatory document... do you know how we can get it, as no one in the phone support seems to know what we are talking about?


Certificate of tax residency 2022 - Microsoft Community

Yes it is strange, this is a way that I found for you.

You can search in your own language (Portuguese ) , Ask a question in the shared space.



tax residency certificate for the year 2022 - Microsoft Community


Please join this discussion because the Microsoft agent shared the required certificate today with another user, but I confirm that this is a scandal!, 


thank you very much, I replied in the post you shared, let's see if we can solve this problem


Since not everyone understands this, could you explain why you should get this document free of charge from Microsoft?

I think that this will mean that you will have to pay VAT in your country. for electronic services and Microsoft products - do I interpret your problem correctly?

Please write an explanation :)  

@A1 no it's worse than that. If we don't have the document, we have to pay 25% of the whole amount billed by microsoft to our country tax Office. The Vat over the total amount was already paid. That document avoids double taxation. And it is mandatory (we get it easily from Google and other big companies). It's like we have to pay VAT and another 25%.


Thank you very much for the additional explanation because you can not be indifferent to this problem

I started a new discussion to find out how to help you:

Tax Residence Certificate for Microsoft 2022 In which MTC space can I get helped? - Microsoft Commun...


"  That document avoids double taxation. And it is mandatory (we get it easily from Google and other big companies). It's like we have to pay VAT and another 25%."

And how do you receive these certificates from other IT companies?

What steps do you need to follow?

We just made a quick phone call for their client support, they knew what it was and sent it by e-mail within minutes.


Have you received the necessary (mandatory) document?