Table Topic: Which version of OneNote is right for my organization?

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9/24 update: Thank you for following along in this Ignite Table Topic! We are no longer actively monitoring it for questions but will leave the original post and questions/answers for you to reference. Thank you!

-OneNote team


Last Ignite we announced that OneNote (the desktop version previously called OneNote 2016) is back in active development. We’re currently deploying OneNote by default with Office 365. We’ve heard feedback from some of you that you would like guidance on which version of OneNote is right for your organization. 


There are two versions of OneNote that you can deploy to users in your organization who have devices running Windows:  

  • OneNote: the desktop version (previously called “OneNote 2016”)  
  • OneNote for Windows 10: the Microsoft Store app that’s available only on Windows 10  


While both versions are supported and can be installed on the same device, OneNote is the recommended version for enterprise environments. OneNote provides more features and allows you to customize user settings through Group Policy. 


We would love to address your questions in this thread. We will be answering questions during the Live Ignite event (Sept 22-23). 


We also recently released new e-books which your organization may find useful: 


Thank you! 

- The OneNote team

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when will the @elephant  in the room be addressed with@mentions

it is the probably the longest backlog item you have


@Michael Baker Thank you for your question! We don't have a timeframe to share with you for @mentions at this time. But we are working on features and improvements based on feedback like this. If you haven't already (or for anyone else who wants to request a feature) please provide this feedback in OneNote, click File > Feedback. We're always looking at the feedback provided and appreciate it! Thank you!

@OneNotePM I've gone back to using OneNote (2016) due to issues with OneNote W10 crashing when pasting links WAY too often, sync issues (I have five Microsoft accounts across multiple orgs and that seems to be the main issue), and features lacking in W10 version.


Hopefully the W10 version will improve in future updates!

@Jason Sherry Sorry to read you were having issues with OneNote for Windows 10. We have some information on fixing sync issues in this article. But if the issue persists, please consider reporting your sync issue on the OneNote forums on Microsoft Answers.


OneNote (previously called OneNote 2016) is a great option, so glad you are trying that again too.


Thank you!