Table Topic: The New Yammer - What do you need to know?


The New Yammer is here! It's exciting in this Year of Yammer to see so many new things. Check out the full guide to all Yammer content at Ignite here. What are you working on? What's your favorite new feature? What questions do you have about what to expect when moving to "the new Yammer" or "Native Mode"?  Respond to this post with your favorites and questions and it may get picked up in one of the three Table Talks listed below. Join a great team of experts (don't forget to RSVP) at one or all of these sessions: 




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@Amy Dolzine I love the branding features for communities (including All Company) and the feed page. So many new community manager features too.

@Kevin Crossman I love the new branding feature too! Especially in the All Company. Wow. We've been waiting for that for a long time! 

@Amy Dolzine One favorite new feature is pinning! Long clamored for in UserVoice, this addition makes for a great user experience. (More info contained in this robust post by Murali.)

Pin a community--people love heading straight to the community spaces they consider most important while still being able to dip into the main feed at will. And then when you're in a community, the pinned post feature eliminates the hunt for immediate action items.