Table talk CON207 - How Microsoft 365 enables true productivity - Real World stories


Join us on Sep 22nd from 2:30 pm-3 pm PDT. Find out how others have rolled out and driven adoption of Microsoft 365 , including Microsoft Teams. Discuss best practices. 


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Looking forward to this table talk today. What's on top of your mind? Looking forward to hear your stories.

@Mayank Verma  I am looking forward to hear what people's top Productivity Hacks are!


One simple one I have found from an enterprise perspective is taking an existing Document Library in an existing SharePoint Site and adding it to a specific Teams Channel - either as a SharePoint cloud storage in the Files tab, or as a separate "Document Library" as a separate tab.


This allows teams that were leveraging SharePoint primarily as file collaboration to have a much richer project specific collaboration experience in Teams ... but with their existing files.


@Mayank Verma 


I have searched and searched and can't find the answer to the following:


What are the best practices to roll out / Deploy Microsoft Teams to a company?  For example, we could set up each department as a team.  We can have teams that are the combinations of two departments, etc  We could have an accounting team with channels for different objectives like monthly financials, quarterly financials, year-end financials, joint ventures, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), etc. I feel it is very important to get it right the first time because fixing it could become very complicated. 


Once that is determined, how do you setup the best file structure within Teams for that team as well as for an entire organization?  

@Mayank Verma   Thanks - I think I found something, but want to know if there is anything out there.


I have to watch the video, etc   I saw something about large companies, etc, but it didn't drill down to something like this (at least the first time I went through it).  I hope to update this if I find anything. If you can point me to anything else, even Case Studies from a fortune 500 company, it would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.  I would love to join another one of those sessions if you have them in the future with or without ignite.  thx!