Table of contents links not working when save as PDF

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Hi all,


On my system, TOC and Cross-reference links are working in MS Word. But, when the same document is save as PDF, these links are not clickable. Suddenly, these links have stopped working in this week.


When you use the word online editor and use save as pdf if it works,


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Update: There is Workaround. Thanks to the people of the adobe forum I reverted the latest update office 365 (Version 2109 (build 14430.20234)) and installed Version 2108 (build 14326.20348) and it works.

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I have the same problem. Used to work ok, but stopped at some stage recently.


Same here, been working with it for 2 years, using save export in VB with oDoc.ExportAsFixedFormat.
Now not working anymore on 3 PC (maybe new office version)
Also does not work when I manually start it and try save or export with all different types of options.

When I use Word online, it does create the TOC hyperlinks, and the bookmarks from the headings back to TOC, after one or two clicks they also stop working


When uploading my full 135 page, 44 mB doc and save as PDF, it writes creating, but does not offer me a download for the PDF.


I am currently stuck with no possibility to create the Hyperlinks in PDF



please help



The workaround worked for me, I used this as the Config.xml file:
<Updates Enabled="TRUE" TargetVersion="16.0.14326.20404" />


My problem was all hyperlinks stopped working, and rolling back the version restored correct behaviour.

I have a Surface Pro running Insider for Office, and saving as PDF worked with creating the links.
PC with problem: Version 2109 Build 16.0.14430.20154) 32-bit
Surface that works: Version 2110 Build 16.0.14527.20008) 32-bit
Perhaps will get fixed in an upcoming update?


Switching to the Semi Annual Enterprise Channel and using the latest build 13801.21004 (


I suspect the problem crept in the Current Channel September 28 release (14430.20234), which has this in the release notes:


  • In certain customer configurations, it was discovered that document exports to PDF or XPS formats from Office would fail due to recent updates. This update fixed these regressions and reenabled export to these formats.

Moving to the semi annual channel means you don't get all the bells and whistles, but at least you get security updates and don't have to downgrade to a potentially vulnerable Office version.

Build 14430.20234 from the Sept 28 Current Channel included this "fix" for Word:

"In certain customer configurations, it was discovered that document exports to PDF or XPS formats from Office would fail due to recent updates. This update fixed these regressions and reenabled export to these formats."

Possibly this is the culprit.

Switching to the Semi Annual Enterprise channel and build 13801.21004 does not exhibit the problem and gets the latest security fixes.

Now seems to be resolved in the latest Current channel release build 14430.20306
The issue still exists in the latest version of Word (v16.54 build 21101001) for Mac.
Yep, I can confirm it's still not working on MacOS
I agree - and that is my main issue.

Has anyone identified a workaround other than doing something to regress?
Yep, just downloaded an update today (16.56.21111003) - and the issue still not fixed for Mac OS. Must be the fifth update since this was an issue where it still hasn't fixed the problem!




Yes - I was hopeful of a recent update. I think I'll try other approaches, such as LibreOffice or even Pages!

Pages and LibreOffice both affect the rest of the document too much to be usable.

The clickable links work when the PDF is produced under Windows, but there are a few subtle differences which together with the nuisance factor make it unacceptable.
Reply from Support:

"Unfortunately, this issue is still under investigation, Since are from Technical support team we do not have any ETA from Development team on this issue. One of the fix suggested was to revert to previous version of office. If you have a Windows device, i can help you do the same. Thank you for your patience."

We already tested this by reverting Word to the May 2021 release, but it did not work. It is probably related to their cloud engine.
You are talking about an issue on MacOS and they offer help if you have a Windows device?

Quelle planet?

Maybe I'll search out that old Windows phone I once had...



I use Microsoft word 2019 (version 16.54) on a macOS Monterey that feature still does not work. I had to use a PC with the 2013 version.

I use Office 365 versions - fully up to date - on both Windows and MacOS.

On MacOS, Big Sur, Version 16.54 (21101001).
On Windows 10, Version 2110 (Build 14527.20276) Current Channel.
So it's not working on both Systems? that's really concerning.