Synchronize 1 single file from SharePoint to OneDrive

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Hey all,


Is it possible to synchronize a singe file from SharePoint to OneDrive? I know it's possible to synchronize entire libraries but i just want to do it with a couple of files.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Alexander,


If you use the latest version of Windows and OneDrive you have One Drive on Demand and when you select to sync a library of SharePoint, by default the files will be available on Cloud and you can select to make available offline.


Please see these links.

@Nuno Silva 

Hi Nuno,

If my understanding is correct then the "old" answer was providing solution to sync a library/folder. I would be interested in syncing individual files in different folders (like the original question was put).

Hi @pfi-pfi,


With files on demand when you sync a library you can chose what do you want offline if you just want to sync only a file you cannot chose to not use files on demand and select only what you want.