Switch license from Microsoft 365 Business to Microsoft 365 Enterprise

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Hi all,

i'dd like to switch a users license from Microsoft 365 Business to Microsoft 365 E3.
How should i approach this? Do i need to disconnect the user's device from AAD, or will his machine "see" the new active license and upgrade his Office Suite to ProPlus and upgrade his Windows from 10 Business to 10 Enterprise?
Regards, Martijn

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Effectively go into the user's account and simply select the new license at the same time as de-selecting the old license. Then hit Save/Apply/whatever and it will apply the license changes.
I'd then suggest doing a Check for Updates in Office, hopefully it picks up the new license and installs any missing components.
As for Windows - he'll have to run an upgrade process to get to Enterprise, it won't happen automatically like it does with Office.

License swich in the portal, i know ;)

Office suite is fixed. Challenge that remains is how to upgrade from Windows 10 Business, to Windows 10 Enterprise. I will contact Microsoft Support, and see if they can help.

You can do an in-place upgrade by replacing the current license key with your new Windows 10 Enterprise License key.

Settings -> Update & Security -> Activation -> Change product key.


Then run Windows Update.