Suggestion: unify quiz and forms

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We are transitioning from google to MS and as i'm migrating sheets to excel, gmail to outlook and when I started trying out the forms I got very dissapointed.


Google has forms, and all features are part of forms. Microsoft instead offers you forms (very much like basic google forms) and quizes (which google also covers with forms). The first thing that came to my mind is the fact that quizes are just forms with extra features, I see as a design flaw to create a second, independant tool that offers what the basic version has and then adds new features but it also removes some others, which is odd. 


Forms you can create online versions, meaning that the results are hosted online and that allows a team to work with the information and use other excel files that pull information from there.

Quizes, on the other hand, only offer the option to download the results in an excel file. A very poor choice because you will never have an updated version, only the latest you downloaded. A downloaded version is not usefull to work with in a team and demands manual intervention constantly.


If forms just had the option to select the correct answer, add points and feedback we would pretty much have the best of both. You still can download the results any time by simply donwloading the online file. It's very dissapointing to see MS run into weak dessigns constantly, historically. I remember MSN Messenger adding as "new features" things that ICQ had before Microsoft even thought of making a messenger

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