Strange problem with Office 365 Word under Windows 11 home

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    Several days ago while editing a Word 365 file under Windows 11 Home, my file split into 2 columns. I'd never seen this before. I went to layout and tried changing 2 columns back to 1. That did nothing.  

    Since then I have tried a number of things and nothing has worked. 

 At this point I have Word 365 files that are useable but they the text in them is tiny and hard to manipulate. I want my files to have normal sized characters.  

   I worked in IT for some 25 years so I know a good bit about this but this time I am stumped.

  Do any of you know how to fix this? Have you encountered anything like this?

 Your assistance is greatly appeciated. Thank you very much.

    Ernie Law


    email address removed for privacy reasons

    Aiken, SC 29801




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