Stop scrolling across slides

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Currently if you slowly scroll to the edge of a slide (to examine/edit the details there), all of a sudden you land in the adjacent slide, defeating the purpose of scrolling.


My humble ask: please make mouse scrolling only move inside the same slide. NEVER jump to another slide. If near the edge, show a margin of the next slide but don't jump to it unless the mouse clicks on that margin.


Page Up/Down keys should be used to jump between slides, AND jump to the exact same location of that slide -- very useful for quickly going through slides and see if elements stay in the consistent spot (elements could be different and can't be placed using the slide master).


Ctrl + mouse drag = pan (feature request)
Ctrl + mouse wheel = zoom (existing feature)
Mouse drag alone = select (existing feature)
Mouse wheel alone = scroll (existing feature -- but don't go across slides!)
Page Up/Down = fly through slides (always land in the same location)
Left/Right/Up/Down arrows = slow move inside slide (when no element is selected)


Now imagine the productivity/experience enabled by this solution...

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I agree with the request on this post. Scrolling within the slide viewer should never advance to the next slide. If I want to advance through the slides, I can scroll through the slide previews in the panel on the left. Advancing to the next slide, especially when zoomed in at 400%, is really perplexing me :)
Bringing this up again because it's 2023 and despite over 13 years of people asking for this option, it is still not there. And many of us are now paying for this as a service. Microsoft, you should be providing feature updates semi-regularly if you are going to charge us regularly.

But given how Microsoft seem to be these days, I hold no hope this will be listened to. The OneNote community had to fight to keep the more functional OneNote, and the ears of the developers of Windows 11 seem well and truly blocked.

@Tams80 Seriously? There is still no fix for this? I hadn't noticed the issue until just recently working with a lot of info on a slide and utilizing space very close to the margins. This was the first or second link I clicked to see what the solution was. I figured it was some type of view setting or one of the bottom right icons. But now I see that this has been an issue for a LONG while now and nothing to fix it or toggle between settings!? Crazy to me... And getting super frustrating.  

Totally agree with this suggestion. Current mouse behavior is counterproductive and falls short of usability.
Could not agree more. It's always so depressing to search for solutions regarding some MS Office shenanigans and then finding out that it has been an issue since 2008 but never got resolved. And as a subscription service, this is not excuseable anymore. All they had to do is google "MS Office bug" or read their own forums.

Agreed, I remember searching a solution many years ago with no success. I just want the scroll wheel to work INSIDE the slide I'm editing, not to take me to the next/prev slide. Google does this as well but there are solutions to prevent it.