steps to transfer 365 accounts with email from service provider to self manage

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We have our 365 accounts managed by a service provider. we want to stop using their services so we need to transfer administration of our accounts to self administor.  where can I find instructions so I can make sure we don't have any loss of data.  The microsoft account subscriptions are through the service provider so we need to purchase our own subscriptions for email and office (desktop). I know how to self manage 365 accounts, but I want to make sure with the transfer we don't lose our email data with the transfer from their subscriptions to our own.

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Hi korazy,

There are several methods of migrating mailboxes to exchange online, depending on your source email server. If your source email server's service provider is not listed under the options in your migration to exchange online wizard (the usual options available are as described in this useful link ), in your exchange admin center, then you should opt for the use network upload to import pst files method, available in your Microsoft purview.

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Thank you.