Starting New Conversation Threads in Communities


It didn't occur to me until recently when a fellow team member pointed it out that starting new conversations / threads within Microsoft Tech Communities is not so obvious. Hopefully, this has not been a hindrance to most of you, but if you are still wondering and are too shy to ask, here's how you start new conversations:


See you in the community!

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Thanks, I was trying to figure out how to start a discussion and it is definitely not obvious. @Pernille-Eskebo please fix this.
Hi Asif. I am not a developer, just a user of Office 365. I registered to the Community and then navigated to an Office 365 page. There is a button for starting a discussion, but it's not selectable to me. I simply want to post a solution in the Community for a fix that I discovered for File Explorer freezing. Maybe you can post it for me. You simply navigate to File Explorer Options and on the General tab select Clear File Explorer History. I was having issues when I dropped down into subfolders that Explorer would just lock up. Clearing the history resolved it. I have not seen this solution in any of the Microsoft forums.