SSO with Office 365?

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I changed my Windows 10 password over VPN and since then Outlook went “Need Password” without prompting me whenever I click that.

To fix it I tried signing out of office account within Outlook but it doesn’t sign back in. It just does nothing and leaves you signed out.

If I start Excel I’m prompted to sign in but if I do so it just starts Excel as unlicensed.


Seeking how to restore my ability to use Office with SSO.


How does Office 365 know who am I from my email address associated with my Windows account?


This is on a corporate laptop that uses Evidian Enterprise SSO.


Office has been uninstalled and reinstalled and this didn’t address the issue.

Other systems within my company do recognize the new windows password when I authenticate with new password.

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I saw you are saying SSO so believed there is an integration between your login account and Office 365 one (e.g. ADFS), if yes, it was mapped with your Office 365 account with 'smtp address' attribute.

there is a time interval to sync your on-prem account attribute including password condition to Office 365 (AAD), so would suggest how you login (via ADFS) as first step