SMTP settings not working?

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Maybe any web developers can give me an input on this????? 


So I got an Outlook365 email from Godaddy.... I did turn on the SMTP settings, that was the only setting I can see in my account related to SMTP.


I am using this email on my website to be able to send contact form information from my website to my same email......   This code is working OK  when I tested it my local computer.... I check the web console and all good, I check my terminal and all good, and I receive an email within seconds...


But NOT working when I test the contact form from the live website.....   I have NO errors from the website, and I actually updated other information and its working fine.... BUT the contact form still not sending me emails...


Are there any other additional settings I should know about???     It is working from my localhost3000, but just not sending the email from the live website. 

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